Surimi Temperature Control

We always target to maintain final surimi temperature 16C to 18C

Ultra Violet Water Treatment Facility

To reduce the Bacterial count of the process water.

Critical Control Point Monitoring

We have chalked out critical areas to monitor it perfectly.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse osmosis plant to supply best quality water for our production.

Block Ice Plant

We have 2 block ice plant of 55 tons per day capacity.

Good Process Water

Water hardness is below 20, PH between 6.5-7.0, TPC below 100.

Pre-processing Facility

The processing facility is integrated with the pre-processing section. There are more than 250 workers operating in two shifts.

Freezing Section

We have Blast, Plate, IQF and Trolley Freezers To make total Combined unit's freezing capacity of 305.46 MT/Day.

Water Quality

We have got good quality soft water of hardness below 20. The water used in processing is maintained below 10C.

In-process Quality Control

We check the quality at right process to maintain hygiene & standards of critical control points.

Our Processing Machinery

All important machinery are imported from Japan / Korea. It includes Meat separator, Refiner, Surimi Press, Hi- kneader, skin vacuum, packing machine etc.

Hygienic procurement of Raw materials

Ulka has Hygienic cutting shed right at the docks in Mumbai, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala to ensure freshest quality of raw material

In-house Container Stuffing

we have enough plugging & stuffing facilities to maintain the product & container temperature steadily.

Metal Detector And X-Ray Scanner

To remove any chance of metal contamination & faults in final product before stuffing the container.

In-house Shipping

We have available shipping port nearest to our units approximate 30km


We are the top most Seafoods Exporter in India